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 My name is Satomi Morisaki, I am a 38 year old woman with infantile paralysis. This means that my brain functions just like a normal person but my body lacks proper motor control with spasms caused by brain damage at birth.
West Japan Railway (JR West) is the company where I used to work about six years ago. During my time at this company I was sexually and violently abused by my boss. I took this matter to court, however, it was poorly settled partly in my favour. After much bullying from the company the best they could do wa! s transf er me to a different section and give me a different job. Unfortunately this job required accurate control over a computer mouse which they knew due to my disability (mentioned above) would be impossible for me to complete. During my time in this new position I was constantly bullied and harassed which caused me severe depression. This caused me to get sick and made my body spasms worse, thus I could not physically or mentally attend work for a while. Now the very company where I was abused has fired me for not being able to complete the job for which they very well knew my disability would prevent me from accomplishing. The company is denying all responsibility, so I ask you all now. Is this a fair and just world that we live in? All I want is a fair go and a job suited to my disability, therefore I ask you to please support my claim in any way possible and I thank you for taking the time to read my plea.

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A physically  challenged woman, suing her boss for sexual assault

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